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Colour : Milky white black

Size : m , l

 sending it to,,, , Urgent , To go abroad , Cautiously timing , No emergency orders , Theandand to the gate . It 's a long way , Please set aside enough time for water . Logistics updates will not be available until the package arrives in Hong Kong after Shenzhen clearance . Please know , Once the parcel is mailed , it will not return . If the water is stopped or the order is cancelled , we 'll lose it directly . The stress is great , Please understand .

The time of completion of payment on presentation of the order is not the time of withdrawal . Please refer to the message received at the time of collection . Remember that the newsletter is the key .

Sales units : Annex

Origin :,

Dimension :

Size see the right side display size chart in the color size selection area

Because the measurement method is different size error 1 4cm is normal oh

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